Farmwille game on the character to be explained newcomers clothes cheat you in the wedding and not groom dresses player that steps are opening the fellow-up by the friends they can get first mozillafirefox  log cheat engine program to do this trick in store free of cheating needs to practice the cheateeng for ıt's 4 bytes pasition of the string or as text I need to change ,

( coins  <<<<< the code to be searched )

( farm bucks <<<<< that code is loaded ) received a lot of products with green money 
you make this process will be free

get breeze after red kite taken for bridal wedding suit from entering the market for wind bush part of the game and then come to the place in farm programs CheatEngine 

( you e_deco_animated_windchime_<<<<< to call code  ( <<< e_mac_male_outfit_weddinggroo ) change to code wind chimes that you have received at the warehouse 

( e_deco_animated_kite_flying_red <<<<< code to be searhed ) in ( e_mac_mac_male_outfit_weddingbri <<<< change to the red breeze kite store that you have received. I refresh page after waiting a short time . 

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