Farmville 2 amami rabbit taking trick 

farmwille 2 games you want animals decorated and other production products get easy. for this necessary program ' cheat engine ' and codes . well trick how applied very simplisict

your aplication need stems :

1 : our games we open 

2 : cheat engine program we open

3 : your browser we open

4 : value type we choose

5 : first code decoration if our garden we build the fist code called resultant values seleçt downwards place down you received values choouse ' value ' the two code enter swap to be product and products ' envantere ' browse or prepare you want product prepare and our game we renew .

value type : string 

wanted code   : e_deco_pinkflamingo_generic  ( pink flamingo )

replaced code : e_animal_adult_rabbip_amami      

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