our game the monet cheat we do animals, plants and in objectyou get. -  nesecsary which program CHEAT ENGİNE program. well wherewith applied here is lecture ,. first our game we open our program we download  our program here click download  and we are running .left-hant upper in the corner computer symbol sing we click

our game mozilla firefox scanner flashplayerpluging choose    

4 bytes click  -arraf of bytes select

hex writer location nearby box it code copy sticking  40 42 0f 00 40 42 0f 00 00 00 00 00    first scan click 

left on the side  lines select ,. first  lines select after shift printed grasp click to sıx all of will be selected red arrow click values lower forehead

no longer hence after photos chasing we will

cheat engine withal our business it's over ,.take your forehead and program close  ( note : your job without finishing do not turn off  .

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